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Introducing The Grab Button Builder

the grab button builder

Today I'm happy to introduce my newest project, The Grab Button Builder, a little web app that helps you build a grab button for your blog without writing any code at all.

The Grab Button Builder gives you the same grab button you'd get if you used my tutorial "Make an HTML Grab Button for Your Blog" — and just like that tutorial, the Builder won't give you any outdated markup. The button it builds for you works on Blogger, Wordpress.com & Wordpress.org, and Typepad.

Using the Builder

All you need to get started is a button image and a blog. Upload your button image to your favorite image host and grab the direct link to your image. If you don't know how to get your direct link, the Builder can show you how! Click on the image host tutorial for detailed instructions for the most popular image hosts.

grab button builder tutorial loader

By default the Builder will make the code box the same height as your button image and give it a gray border, a white background, and black text. But you can change those defaults if you like! Click the "Code Button Options" link to open up color and height settings for the code box.


If you try The Grab Button Builder, I'd love to know what you think! Leave a comment, tweet at me on Twitter, or comment on Google+.

You Can Help!

I've posted the source code for the builder on GitHub to open it up to collaborators. If you've been thinking about dipping your toe into GitHub but haven't found the right project yet, please have a look at mine! I'd be very happy to collaborate with another developer or a designer to help make the button builder work better or look nicer.

If you have suggestions for improvements and would like to help out, open an issue through GitHub to get the ball rolling.