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Notes from my Blogger HTML Hangout

I had another great Hangout with Blogger today! This time we talked about using Blogger's built-in HTML post editor to improve your posts' accessibility and give you more control over how your posts look. I used a cookie recipe as an example post to show you how to use HTML headings, paragraphs, and unordered & ordered lists. And, I showed a little bit of CSS styling to make the post look great!

Here's the "before" shot of the post:

cookies before

And here's the "after" shot, when the CSS styles are in place:

cookies after

And yes, I realize those are not oatmeal cookies in the photo. I'm better at HTML than recognizing cookies, apparently ;)

If you missed it, you can watch the whole Hangout tutorial on YouTube.

As promised, I put together a little "cheat sheet" of the HTML elements I used in the demonstration: View on Google Docs

More Resources

My Practical HTML for Bloggers post series takes you through the elements I used in the Hangout in depth. And, it takes you further into HTML if you'd like to go in deeper!

During the Hangout, I mentioned Codecademy's great HTML & CSS for beginners course. I tried this out myself last week and I was very impressed with the interactivity of the course and how much beginners can learn from it.

And, my Resources page features my very favorite tech resources for bloggers.

I want to thank the Blogger team for having me again, and everyone who watched for your time and your feedback. Thanks!