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Etsy Analytics: Further Reading

Congratulations, you've reached the end of the Etsy Analytics series! Miss any of the steps along the way? Here's the complete series:

Want to read this series offline instead? This entire series is available in free ebook format via Readlists! Read it on your Kindle, your iPad/iPod/iPhone, or e-reader.

After all that, you're ready to measure your shop traffic like an entry-level boss. But, there's a whole lot more to learn about analytics! Let me set you up with some more resources for getting the most out of Google Analytics and Etsy Shop Stats.

Google Analytics

Etsy Shop Stats

  • Etsy Shop Stats at Handmadeology. A quick rundown on how to use Shop Stats for Etsy strategizing.
  • Shop Stats Beta Team Any Etsy seller can join this group to preview new Shop Stats features and provide feedback on them before they go "live".

Analytics in General

If all this data-gathering and stats talk made you realize you're intrigued by analytics in general, do check out:

  • Avinash Kaushik's blog. This blog helps you hone your analytics though process. Start with the Beginner's Guide to Web Data Analysis, and then read...well, everything else on the blog. The author also has a very pleasant twitter presence; he tweets about analytics, but also frequently posts through-provoking and entertaining links on other subjects.
  • Justin Cutroni's blog. This guy is an analytics wizard. If you want to dig deeply into using and understanding Google Analytics, this dude is your guide.