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How I'll Use My Summer Vacation

Code it Pretty is going on a semi-hiatus for the summer, but don't worry, I'll be back to my usual schedule right after Labor Day! From now until then, though, there won't be a weekly post.

I'm not vacating the Internet entirely, I'm just taking a break from my "grueling" once-a-week posting schedule. Through the dog days of summer, you'll still find me:


In the real world, I'll be:

  • Celebrating my 10th anniversary with my awesome husband.
  • Visiting family all over the place.
  • Getting my kiddo ready for kindergarten (OMG OMG!).
  • Hacking away at a seeeeecret project (that I'll tell you all about in the Fall!).

When I crank up the blog again in September I'll have a whole bunch of new tutorials and tips for you! If you have any special requests, let me know.

Have an awesome summer!

Sunflower photo by Aleksandar Cocek, used under Creative Commons license.